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Tim Pisarski (left) and Tom Vespa own and operate Legacy Group. The pair have more than 60 years of experience in construction together and have cumulatively built more than 500 homes across Chicagoland.

You could say that construction is in their blood. In fact, it runs in the family.

Owners of Legacy Group, Tim Pisarski and Tom Vespa, have been around residential construction since they were young boys. Tim’s father, also Tom’s grandfather, Joe, was a local developer, builder and real estate agent who had both boys sweeping construction sites at early ages.

Today, 30 years later and with more than 500 homes built across Indiana and Illinois, the two men have carried on the traditions, values, ethics and ideals of the family legacy. The company’s reputation has been built upon their ability to deliver beautifully designed communities to municipalities as well as quality constructed homes to clients.

The primary goal is exceeding client expectations in all aspects of the construction process. The team at Legacy Group understands all of the stages that a home goes through during construction and will ensure clients get nothing but the highest quality and outstanding value. It is Legacy Group’s hands-on commitment to each project and personalized attention to detail that ensure clients get the custom homes of their dreams.

Legacy Group
Our home is PERFECT because it was built by Legacy Group specifically for our family. We had tried to work with a couple of builders before this and were experiencing what we consider cookie-cutter construction. We had looked at so many layouts but none fit our needs perfectly. To make matters worse, we also felt like the building materials were below the quality grade that we wanted. We were pretty frustrated by the time we met Tom at Legacy Group. Tom and his team walked us through the entire process and helped us design our perfect home. We have never been this excited to move, ever! Thanks to the entire Legacy team for making the process of building our home a fun one with many great memories. Legacy Group, we sing your praises to anyone who will listen!