Tom Vespa HeadshotTom Vespa, owner of Legacy Group, says some of his earliest memories are of being on construction sites, doing whatever his father and grandfather, who were in the business of building homes, wanted him to do.

“Building high quality, custom homes is in my blood,” Tom says. “We are a family of home builders. This is what we do,” he adds.

After working on several project sites throughout his teens, Tom studied construction management at a local college. “Because I spent so much time on site, I had enough expertise and experience to be a foreman at 18,” Tom explains. “The actual hands-on construction has always appealed to me more than anything.”

Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Tom has built more than 500 custom homes throughout Indiana and Illinois throughout his career.

Tom is on site nearly every day during the construction of a new home. He is known for his attention to detail and knowledge of the marketplace. The key to his success is treating each and every client like family.

“I want to build a quality home that reflects my client’s unique needs and personality,” he explains. “And, I want every client to be 110% satisfied.”